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Legal Services

Personal Injury Law

If you have been seriously injured in an automobile accident, a slip, trip and fall, a work place accident, by a defective product, or as the result of the negligence or malpractice of a medical, dental or other professional, you may be entitled to recover money for your losses.

Automobile Accident

Robyn M. Brilliant, P.C. has protected the rights of auto accident victims for years.

Wrongful Death

Has the wrongful conduct, negligence or recklessness of a car driver, truck driver, motorcycle driver, motorist, property owner, doctor or hospital surgeon caused the wrongful death of your loved one?

Defective Products

As a result of the faulty design or negligence in the manufacturing of the product, the engineer &/or the manufacturer may be the cause of an accident in your home or at work.  If you or a loved one has suffered a serious or catastrophic injury,  you may have a claim.

Workplace Accident

Workplace injuries range from physical trauma to psychological trauma.

Construction Accidents

Labor Law 200, 240 and 241 is designed to protect you from serious injury and death at your workplace.

Slip and Fall Accident

Every day, slips, trips and falls, happen to people. Too often, it is a serious fall, and a serious injury results. Usually this has been caused by a dangerous environment which is the responsibility of the people, person or company that owns, operates and/or manages the property.

Premises Liability

Generally, premises liability is a branch of personal injury law holding property owners and/or their tenants legally responsible for certain accidents and injuries that occur on their property.

Examinations Under Oath

New York No-Fault Regulations require a claimant to appear for examinations under oath scheduled by the insurer/self-insurer as reasonably necessary in order to answer critical questions related to a no-fault claim.


The Courts in New York City and Long Island are divided between two separate departments with often contradictory case law that directly impacts the handling of cases to recover no-fault benefits.


As a quicker and more relaxed alternative to litigation, more actions to recover no-fault benefits are being filed in arbitration than ever before.

Declaratory Judgments

When coverage is an issue, an insurer/self-insurer has the right to bring a declaratory judgment action in the Supreme Court for an order declaring it has no duty to provide first-party no-fault benefits.

No-Fault Subrogation

Section 5105 of New York’s Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Reparations Act (No-Fault Law) mandates insurers, self-insurers, and workers’ compensation providers to arbitrate disputes pursuant to the provisions of section 5105 and 5221(b) of the New York Insurance Law.

Appellate Practice

Appealing a decision based on an incorrect application of law or a misunderstanding of the facts at issue can be necessary in order to avoid bad case law.

Coverage Opinions

Occasionally questions will arise in handling a claim that cannot be clearly answered by a reading of the no-fault regulations. In these cases, a coverage opinion based on insurance department opinions and relevant case law may be the answer.

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