NYC Dog Bite Attorney

The law states that the owner of a domestic pet is legally bound to own it responsibly. An owner must control the animal so it will not attack innocent persons such as postal workers or unsuspecting, vulnerable children in parks and on playgrounds, or delivery personnel.

If that legal responsibility is not adhered to, a dog bite animal attack and serious or catastrophic personal injury can result. If this has happened to you or to your loved one, our caring and experienced legal team can help.

Robyn M. Brilliant, Esq. has held negligent dog owners accountable.  Ms. Brilliant advocates for maximum financial compensation to defray medical bills, emotional damage, lost wages and loss of future income.

Robyn M. Brilliant is prepared to protect the rights of you and your family when an animal attack causes serious personal injury, disfigurement or death. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation. Our legal knowledge, experience and compassion achieve results.

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