Since 2005, Robyn M. Brilliant, Esq. has represented insurance companies and self insurers in the defense of no-fault claims. Having represented medical providers prior to representing insurers, and representing plaintiff’s in personal injury matters, we are able to offer our clients the unique and significant benefit of integrating these principles into the no-fault defense side of the practice. Knowing and anticipating our adversary’s arguments and positions puts us a step ahead. We are extremely creative, passionate and detailed in our review of each file tailoring our defense to the particular facts of each claim.

Robyn M. Brilliant, Esq. has provided numerous seminars on different areas and topics of NYS no-fault law and has written articles that have been published in the New York Law Journal.

We handle all aspects of no-fault insurance defense including:

  • conducting Examinations Under Oath (EUO’s)
  • providing legal analysis and advisory opinions on insurance coverage
  • providing legal analysis and advisory opinions with regard to contractual  and regulatory issues
  • providing legal representation from claim inception through trial
  • preparing and defending Appeals, when necessary
  • providing lectures and seminars to our clients to keep its staff apprised of any changes in the ever-changing New York no-fault law
  • working with special investigators in furtherance of case development
  • pursuing restitution of overpayments made on behalf of our clients
  • providing updates in case law and arbitration awards


We take pride in our availability to personally answer questions for our clients. At our office, each claims representative gets to know our staff members and all questions and requests are addressed immediately.