Every day, slips, trips and falls, happen to people. Too often, it is a serious fall, and a serious injury results.  Usually this has been caused by a dangerous environment which is the responsibility of the people, person or company that owns, operates and/or manages the property.

Robyn M. Brilliant, Esq. has recovered verdicts and settlements for people who have been injured due to a poorly designed or maintained staircase, playground, pot holes, debris or liquids left on the ground, a missing hand rail, or a broken or uneven step, poor or inadequate lighting, and improperly cleared snow or ice on sidewalks.

The law in New York is based on a pure comparative fault scheme.  Each party is responsible for his/her share in causing the accident.

The long term severity of a premises liability slip and all or trip and fall injury should never be excluded. The effects of your injury may not appear for weeks or even months afterward.  What you should NOT do, is postpone contacting an attorney while your health deteriorates.  Don’t delay the decision to speak with our legal team – there is a statute of limitations.

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